Researchers from the EU-funded project REFUCOAT presented key outcomes during their May 2020 virtual event “From plastics to policy: how can we improve the performance of food packaging?”

Watch the videos below to hear Lorena Rodríguez Garrido, REFUCOAT’s technical coordinator, present an overview of the projects key outcomes as well as REFUCOAT researchers presentations in each of the break-out discussions and the keynote presentations.

Key outcomes from the REFUCOAT project

Recycling of complex packaging structures

Environmental and economic analysis of bio-based food packaging

Regulatory challenges for bacteriophages and active packaging

Developing suitable food packages based on PHA

Production of bio-based glycolic acid

From glycolic acid to PGA – the continuous way

How do we optimise the properties of coating materials for application in food packaging

Design fabrication and characterisation of REFUCOAT’s food packaging structures

keynote presentation: Sustainable packaging solutions

Keynote presentation: Global impact of food waste

Fishbowl discussion: the future of bio-plastics