During a consortium meeting that was held in November 2019, a organised policy workshop with REFUCOAT partners was held. An interactive exercise was carried out in which the work package leaders worked collaboratively towards defining several REFUCOAT policy recommendations. The moderators of the session presented some background information to the exercise and participants were invited to reflect on the following questions:

  • How can REFUCOAT research contribute to the future of sustainable plastics?
  • Which policy gaps need to be tackled to allow that future to become a reality?

The three most relevant ideas defined and prioritised during this workshop were:

  • Introducing a mandatory assessment process for the whole innovation value chain including LCA, traceability, waste management, energy, water consumption and more
  • Promoting and increasing the capacity of biomass technology to protect the environment throughout Europe
  • Standardising the recycling process all over Europe from the collection and sorting to the evaluation of qualitative material

The input collected during this workshop have been rewritten to produce the final REFUCOAT Policy Brief.

Read the full policy brief here.