Researchers from the EU-funded project REFUCOAT presented key outcomes during their virtual event “From plastics to policy: how can we improve the performance of food packaging?” The event was held in two parts:

  • Session 1 on Tuesday 5 May: Environmental and regulatory challenges related to bio-plastics
  • Session 2 on Thursday 7 May: The technology behind bio-plastics

Over 100 participants gathered online to hear presentations about key results coming from the project which will end in September 2020.

REFUCOAT’s technical coordinator Lorena Rodríguez Garrido presented and overview of the projects key outcomes to date (view slides here)

In a series of break-out discussions, the meeting participants discussed how REFUCOAT’S innovative materials, coatings and sustainable packaging structures contribute to a circular bioeconomy as well as challenges and opportunities facing the sustainable food packaging industry today.

Each discussion was kicked off with a presentation by REFUCOAT researchers and summarised in a live illustration.

Recycling of complex packaging structures

Speakers: Lorena Rodriguez Garrido (AIMPLAS), Elodie Bugnicourt (IRIS)

View presentation slides here.


Environmental impact and life-cycle analysis

Speaker: Iryna Biliaieva (ADM BIOPOLIS)

View presentation slides here.


Regulatory challenges for bacteriophages and active packaging

Speakers: Concha Bosch and José Ángel Garde (AINIA)

View presentation slides here.


Renewable sources for biobased packaging materials

Speakers: Auxiliadora Prieto (CSIC), Ulf Prüße (Thünen), Simon Kemmerling (Fraunhofer ICT)

View presentation slides here: Auxiliadora Prieto (CSIC), Ulf Prüße (Thünen), Simon Kemmerling (Fraunhofer ICT)


Bio-based hybrid and active coatings for packaging films

Speakers: Concha Bosch (AINIA), Justine Muller (IRIS)

View presentation slides here.


Packaging structures: design, fabrication and characterization

Speaker: Lorena Rodríguez Garrido (AIMPLAS)

View presentation slides here.


Recordings of the presentations will be made available soon.