Aims and objectives

REFUCOAT is an EU-funded project that aims to develop fully-recyclable food packaging with enhanced gas barrier properties and new functionalities using high performance coatings. Active coatings will be used in films and trays as an alternative to current metallised and modified atmospheric packaging (MAP) to avoid the use of non-renewable materials in packaging that currently leads to complex and expensive recycling steps.

The three-year project aims to develop fully-biodegradable packages for fresh food products. Hybrid coatings with high gas barrier properties will be further improved with active substances for improved shelf-life. REFUCOAT will address scientific, technological, safety and regulatory challenges, as well as economic and environmental sustainability to ensure that both consumers and the environment benefit from this packaging.

REFUCOAT aims to improve the performance of food packaging, reduce landfill waste, improve the preservation of food products, open new markets and increase the growth of the industry.

Science behind the project.

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