Project Description

Founded in 1968, as a family business with the aim of producing maize semolina for the brewery industry, it has become a referent in its sector at European level, providing an increasing range of products derived from rice and maize.

The group has been growing in different economic sectors with a distribution of various production plants around Europe and also with commercial offices in Madrid, Bremen and Buenos Aires.

The DACSA GROUP are passionate towards reducing the environmental impact, reducing the consumption of natural resources such as water, energy and fuels and also reducing the waste generated throughout their processing chain and subsequent delivery as well as greenhouse gas emissions. DACSA GROUP has received at all times the full support of senior management for respect and commitment to the environment, through the development and enforcement of environmental objectives, relying on a continuous improvement and transmitting this commitment to each of its employees and business partners.

DACSA work every day to advance in the resolution of environmental challenges, in order to achieve consistent short and long-term improvements as well as a greater sustainability of their business.

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